Inspired by the work of Nan Goldin and Guy Bourdin, Niklas Förster started his photography in 2004. In his early work he focussed on topics such as relationship, dependency and societal norms – always with a strong authentic approach in his visual language. 
During his design studies Niklas gained profound knowledge in the area of photography. He attended courses held by Prof. Susan Lamèr and Prof. Gerhard Vormwald and started to connect the fields of staged photography and snapshot.
This connection between snapshot and carefully staged fashion photography determines Niklas' work until today – always with references to modern pop culture.
Niklas works with professional models as well as with friends and family. In addition to his work as senior art director at a Hamburg based advertising agency Niklas uses every opportunity to realize photo projects.
His credo is borrowed from Nan Goldin:
„My photography has come out of an emotional need, rather than a choice.“